Illinois reports more than $1 billion in legal marijuana sales during 2020


Marijuana sales in Illinois surpassed $1 billion in 2020, state data showed Monday, with most of that money being spent at recreational dispensaries that just became legal in January 2020.

The new figures released by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation showed that recreational marijuana sales totaled over $669 million during the last calendar year.

Data put out a month prior by the Illinois Department of Health showed the state’s separate medical marijuana industry had reported more than $331.2 million in sales between January and November.

Combined, the recreational and medical marijuana programs in Illinois generated at least $1,000,308,800 in sales during 2020, not including forthcoming data from the health department for December.

Marijuana is illegal under federal law, but most states have legalized it in some way or another.

Illinois legalized the medical and recreational use of marijuana in 2013 and 2019, respectively, and it began allowing licensed dispensaries to conduct retail sales beginning at the start of 2020.

During the first month of legalization, recreational dispensaries legally operating in Illinois reported combined sales of over $39.2 million. Monthly sales increased steadily over the course of the year and had had more than doubled to $86.8 million by December.

Illinois previously estimated it will earn roughly $57 million in related tax revenue during the first year of recreational marijuana sales.

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