Michigan bowling alley owner posts obituary for ‘dying’ business closed during pandemic


A Michigan man who built a bowling alley business is saying goodbye to his “baby.”

Steven Klein, the owner of Vision Lanes in Westland, made a post on social media telling others that his business is slowly dying from public health restrictions put on businesses since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Klein and his wife Lisa reportedly opened up the bowling alley over 17 years ago.

“She is barely conscious. She is dying slowly. She is watching her loyal staff and caretakers go find other sources of income because she can't provide for her family any longer. Her customers are finding other places to bowl. The people she loves are being forced to bowl in another State just to do what they love doing with her at her house. But, she is not conscious. She is not available to them. She is dying. Something is killing her and she is being told that she needs to be sacrificed,” he wrote in the post earlier this month.

“Her death will save lives,” Klein added. “She sees the mailbox continue to fill up with bills. Bills that have never stopped coming. The bills are as unrelenting as a shark that smells blood in the water. The end is near. There isn’t anything her Daddy can do to save her. He is helpless. It’s killing him. So when you see her Daddy, and he doesn’t have that same sparkle in his eyes or same love in his heart understand he is watching his baby die, right in front of his eyes.”

In an interview with ABC 7 News, Klein said he wasn't concerned about money as much as he was hurt by the loss of a “loved one.”

In response to news about the struggling bowling alley, members of his community stepped in to help Klein keep his business alive, creating a GoFundMe account that has raised over $10,950 as of Wednesday. “While we all try to repost how important it is to support your local small business, actions speak louder than words and now is the time for action!” a description of the fund reads.

Vision Lanes is still open for carryout food from its restaurant All-Star Grille and Music Bar.

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