Proud Boys denied entry to NRA meeting


HOUSTON — The Proud Boys were denied entry Saturday to the National Rifle Association’s annual convention.

Security guards blocked a small group of the far-right organization from entering the security perimeter around the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston where the NRA is holding its annual meeting.

The security agents told The Washington Times that NRA officials directed them not to allow Proud Boys through the gate.

The scene at the gate had become chaotic with NRA members, who were wearing credentials, exchanging taunts with gun-control protesters gathered across the street.

The Proud Boys confirmed they were turned away. “Yeah. They wouldn’t let us in there,” said one of the Proud Boy members.

The Proud Boys are known for violent face-offs against the far-left Antifa activists in recent years, including during riotous leftwing demonstrations in Oregon, Washington state and New York.

A federal judge on Saturday ruled that former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio will remain jailed while awaiting trial on charges that he conspired with other far-right groups to attack the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying President Biden’s election win.

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