Abortion-Themed ‘Art’ Wins the Turner Prize


The Turner Prize, Britain’s biggest art award, has chosen as its winners a group of eleven “artists” from Northern Ireland for their abortion- and gay-rights-themed work. Apparently, all it takes to sweep up a $30,000 prize nowadays is to decorate a pretend pub in pro-abortion and anti-conversion-therapy posters.

In May, the Turner Prize announced that all the nominees would be groups who had helped “inspire social change through art.” This attracted quite the crowd. Also in the lineup were a group of “Black, queer, trans and nonbinary people who stage night clubs” and “Cooking Sections, whose art highlights the problems of salmon farming.”

A reviewer for the Times of London remarked on the poor quality of the contestants’ “long didactic lectures and endless filmic disquisitions and propaganda that comes freighted with what is probably meant to sound like poetry.” Still, who needs talent when you get far more credit (and money) for conforming to the world’s most boring and belligerent political agenda?

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