Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security Refuses to Admit There Is a Border Crisis


Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas traveled to Del Rio, Texas, on Monday to address the recent crossing of the southern border by thousands of mostly-Haitian migrants, but refused to say the border is in crisis.

Townhall reporter Julio Rosas published a video on Twitter that included a portion of Mayorkas’ remarks, with a reference to comments Mayorkas made that were leaked to a Fox News correspondent in August.

“I asked Sec. Mayorkas if he will publicly admit the situation at the border is a crisis since he was recorded last month privately admitting there is a crisis and it’s unsustainable,” Rosas wrote.

“He did not, instead saying DHS is focused on ‘meeting the challenge.’”


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Mayorkas arrived in Del Rio earlier on Monday, when he visited the migrant camp under the Del Rio International Bridge where approximately 12,000 people remained after the Rio Grande crossing was closed on Sunday.

In a video Rosas published to Twitter on Sunday, Del Rio Mayor Bruce Lozano, a Democrat, said he has still not heard from President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris.

“He feels the White House needs to be transparent about the border crisis in real time,” Rosas wrote with the video.

The remarks by Mayorkas followed a visit to Del Rio on Friday by Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.


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“Being briefed by @CBP on the escalating #BidenBorderCrisis while yards away from over 10,000 illegal aliens,” Cruz wrote in a Twitter post.

“This is a manmade disaster. And it is a direct result of Joe Biden’s political decisions,” Cruz said.

“Joe Biden’s policies are encouraging this staggering rush of illegal aliens,” Cruz wrote in a separate Twitter post on Thursday.

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