I Got in ‘to Stop Stacey Abrams and Save Our State’


After announcing he would be running for governor of Georgia on Monday, former Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) expanded on his decision to enter the race.

Perdue explained his decision was “to stop Stacey Abrams and save our state” from becoming a “failed state like California.” He added that he was challenging sitting Gov. Brian Kemp (R) because he “has lost the confidence of many Republicans.”

“I got in very simply to stop Stacey Abrams and save our state. It’s a … sad state of affairs that our current governor has lost the confidence of many Republicans,” Perdue outlined on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.” “But, Sean, I’m excited. This has been a great day.”

He continued, “And as you said, just a few minutes ago, Donald Trump has given us his full endorsement in our campaign, and if you’ll permit me, I need your viewers to join Donald Trump and me tonight in helping us stop Stacey Abrams by going to DavidPerdueGA.com. She wants to transform our state into another failed state like California. You heard all that news about San Francisco just now. That’s what she wants to bring to Georgia, and I’m going to stand in the breach and make sure she never does that.”

“Over my dead body will we ever do what Kemp did, and that is turn our elections over to Stacey Abrams,” Perdue emphasized. “We’ll never let that happen again.”

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