Kyle Rittenhouse Says What He Thinks About Basketball Star LeBron James Tweeting and Making Fun of Rittenhouse Crying in Court


During his trial for murder, Kyle Rittenhouse, broke down and cried uncontrollably when he shared his experience of being surrounded by rioters who were trying to kill him.  Basketball star LeBron James made fun of him at the time.  Rittenhouse recently shared what he thought about James’ disgusting tweet.

During his hearing where he was eventually found ‘not guilty’, young Rittenhouse broke down uncontrollably when discussing what it was like being trapped by criminals who wanted to kill him.

Kyle Rittenhouse Breaks Down and Cries on Stand While Describing the Horror of Being Surrounded by Rioters Attempting to Kill Him in Kenosha Last August

After that heartfelt testimony, basketball star LeBron James made fun of young Rittenhouse.

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Rittenhouse was asked about this recently in an interview.  According to Daily Caller, Rittenhouse provided a response:

“I was a Lakers fan too before he said that. I was really pissed off when he said that because I liked LeBron, and then I’m like, you know what, f**k you, LeBron,” Rittenhouse said while appearing on “You Are Here” when asked about LeBron’s infamous tweet.

See the exchange about 2 hours into the below video:

LeBron James has not to date apologized for his insensitive and outrageous tweet.

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