Realize There Was No Thanksgiving Last Year Before Complaining About Inflation


During Wednesday’s “Newsroom” on CNN, political commentator Bill Kristol argued that people should realize there was no Thanksgiving last year given the COVID pandemic before they complained about inflation causing soaring food prices this year.

Kristol said, “I think that they are crazy enough to try to take more credit for what the progress has been made on COVID and keep hammering that. And frankly, to criticize Republicans who have not helped get more people vaccinated, get more people boosted, get more kids vaccinated. We’re turning the corner on that did he spite despite the upsurge in the last month or so. Fewer are dying, and those who are dying unfortunately are the unvaccinated. So Biden should say think where we were a year ago. Give a little credit for President Trump to getting the thing going a year and a half ago. But people are taking that good news for granted, and then they are focusing on the bad news of inflation.”

Guest-host Kaitlan Collins said, “But they are going to the grocery store and paying so much more. I think the president has tried to make the argument about what happened a year ago.”

Kristol said, “That Thanksgiving dinner costing 40 cents more per person, there were no Thanksgiving dinners a year ago. Why? Because the pandemic was raging and there was no vaccine. Shouldn’t people have that in mind as they complain about things costing, you know, 40 cents more this year?”

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