“We’ve Set a Goal That by 2025 Our Power Sector will be Free of Carbon” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden vowed to make the US’s power sector “free of carbon” by 2025 during a virtual bilateral meeting of the Major Economies Forum (MEF) on Energy and Climate on Friday.

Biden returned the US to the Paris Agreement and committed to reducing US emissions 50% – 52% lower than 2005 levels by 2030.

Joe Biden however has very ambitious goals to take us back to the dark ages by 2025.

“We’ve set a goal that by 2025 our power sector will be free of carbon.” Biden said struggling to read his teleprompter.

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Of course this only affects the peasants of society.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama, John Kerry and other globalist elitists will still be living in their beachfront mansions, flying around on private jets and driving around in gas-powered limousines/motorcades.


Joe Biden’s remarks come just a few days after he traveled to Golden, Colorado to tour the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to promote his “Build Back Better” agenda.

Biden said junk wind turbines are the answer to combating climate change.

Earlier this year, a winter storm in Texas caused power outages and nearly half the wind turbines froze.

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