Amen: Congress prayed about coronavirus 128 times in 2020 says C-SPAN study


Faith played a role on Capitol Hill during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Congress prayed 128 times about the coronavirus during the year according to a new count by C-SPAN released Friday.

“During calendar year 2020, 128 prayer opening Congress mentioned coronavirus of COVID by name or clear references,” the public affairs network said in a analysis.

There were 103 such prayers in the House, and 25 in the Senate.

“These 128 prayers equal 52% of all prayer opening Congress since Feb. 27 (79% of the prayers in the House, 21% in the Senate,” the analysis said.

The network has collected video footage of all prayers, found here.

In total, 308 prayers of all kinds were said in House and Senate throughout the year.

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