Biden visited White House residence only once during Obama years, he says


President Biden let slip Tuesday night that former President Barack Obama only invited him to the White House residence once in the eight years that he served as Mr. Obama’s vice president.

Mr. Biden told a CNN town hall that he attended hundreds of meetings in the Oval Office in the West Wing during Mr. Obama’s presidency, but was unfamiliar with the upstairs residence in the main section of the White House until he moved in as president a month ago.

“I had never been up in the residence,” Mr. Biden said.

When moderator Anderson Cooper pressed him on it, Mr. Biden recalled once having been in “the yellow room,” an oval-shaped room upstairs in the private residence. He may have been referring to a party that was held there to celebrate the passage of Obamacare in 2010.

Mr. Biden said he is “extremely self-conscious” about having White House staff wait on him in his new job.

“It’s interesting how decent and incredible these folks are,” he said. “They’re wonderful people who work for the White House.”

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