Bikers for Trump launches ‘Draft Donald Trump for President 2024’ campaign


Bikers for Trump isn’t waiting for former President Trump to clear his Senate impeachment trial next week.

Instead, the group on Monday roared ahead with the launch of its Draft Donald Trump for President 2024 campaign.

“If President Trump enters the 2024 race he would be the clear favorite to win the Presidency and put an immediate stop to the Left’s radical, Socialist, Anti-American agenda,” Bikers for Trump leader Chris Cox wrote in an email to supporters announcing the Draft Trump campaign and seeking contributions.

“The Left and their corporate megadonors are doing everything they can to seize total control and muzzle President Trump and his supporters,” Mr. Cox said. “The Dems are terrified of President Trump. That’s why their Silicon Valley cronies are taking unprecedented steps to silence President Trump and his Conservative allies. That’s why we need to start organizing NOW!”

The email linked to a Bikers for Trump PAC website set up to accept one-time or monthly contributions in amounts ranging from $25 to $5,000.

Senate Democrats hope to convict Mr. Trump at the impeachment trial and bar him forever from running for president, though they likely lack the Republican votes needed to convict.

Mr. Trump has vowed to remain a force in politics. Republican officials are split, however, on whether a 2024 comeback run would help the party.

The bikers’ new campaign underscored the resilience of Mr. Trump’s political fan base in the face of impeachment and blame for the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The House impeached Mr. Trump for inciting the insurrection on Jan. 6 by pro-Trump demonstrators who attempted to stop the Electoral College vote count in favor of President Biden. Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate is set to begin next week.

Bikers for Trump burst onto the scene in 2016 as a grassroots groups supporting the billionaire businessman’s long-shot bid for the White House. The bikers also served as the unofficial security detail at Trump rally — the so-called “wall of meat” separating pro-Trump and anti-Trump crowds.

The group became part of a national pro-Trump movement that included efforts to boost Trump-allied House and Senate candidates in 2020 as well as support Mr. Trump’s reelection.

Mr. Cox last year unsuccessfully ran for a Republican for a House seat in South Carolina.

“In 2016 Bikers for Trump led the charge by flipping must-win battleground state that helped deliver victory for President Trump. And we’re ready to do it again!” wrote Mr. Cox.

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