Brandon Hasbrouck, Washington and Lee University law professor: Black votes should count double


A law professor in Virginia is advocating that, for voting purposes, Black people should count as ten-fifths of a person.

Brandon Hasbrouck, an assistant professor at Washington and Lee University law school, argued in a column for the leftist magazine The Nation last week that Black votes should legally and officially be counted twice, as a form of reparations for slavery, Jim Crow and what he called the “devaluation of Black votes.”

His argument is effectively that the Electoral College is “by design” a racist system to serves the interest of slave states. He also noted that Blacks overwhelmingly voted for President-elect Joe Biden in such major cities as Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Atlanta, yet the Democrat barely eked out a win in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

The remedy to this “devaluation of Black votes,” he says, is to count Black votes twice.

“Because white votes currently count more than Black ones, double-counting Black votes would restore electoral balance. Vote reparations would be a giant step toward remedying our nation’s long history of denying and devaluing Black votes,” he wrote.

He also stated that the logic wouldn’t be limited to Blacks. At the end of a paragraph about injustices committed against American Indians, he wrote “we should include in vote reparations others who have suffered similar disenfranchisement.”

The university itself also pushed the column, writing a short blurb about it on its official website.

Conservatives were incredulous.

“Why stop at 2-1? Why not 10-1? I mean that One Person, One Vote thing was just so much instrumentalist hogwash, amirite?” wrote Jonah Goldberg of the Dispatch.

Added Mock and Daisy, the self-styled “Chicks on the Right”: “Gee, do you see any problems with this? Do you think this would sow even more racial division? This may have a little problem of equal protection under the law too.”

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