Chuck Grassley returns to Capitol Hill after recovering from COVID-19


Sen. Charles E. Grassley returned to Capitol Hill on Monday after quarantining and recovering from COVID-19.

“While I continued working from home during my quarantine, I’m glad to be back in the office working for Iowans,” he said in a statement. “This disease affects people differently. I did not experience symptoms, but more than a thousand Americans are dying every day, and more are hospitalized.”

“Promising vaccine news means there is light at the end of the tunnel,” he continued. “Congress must do its part and pass long-overdue relief legislation to help families, businesses and communities get through this crisis.”

Mr. Grassley, 87, and the longest-serving Republican senator, announced he tested positive for the virus before Congress recessed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Because of the quarantine, the Finance Committee chairman missed his first vote in 27 years earlier this month.

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