Darrell Issa: ‘Trump has added to the Republican Party’ just as Lincoln, Reagan did


Republican Rep.-elect Darrell Issa gave high praise to President Trump on Saturday, equating his impact on the party with that of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

“I believe that Donald Trump has added to the Republican Party just as Lincoln did and Reagan did and Goldwater did,” Mr. Issa, who won California’s 50th Congressional District against Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar, told Fox News.

“These are lasting — people still mark each of those historical figures in a very special way,” he added. “And so I think when you take the party of Reagan, and you add Lincoln, and then you add Trump you get our party.”

Mr. Issa, who previously represented California’s 49th District for more than a decade, made the comments while discussing the Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C., over the weekend when thousands of Trump supporters rallied in support of the president.

Mr. Issa mused at the peacefulness of the event, saying, “Without a doubt, it’s the one time in which the stores don’t have to close and put boards over their windows, because it’s been completely not only nonviolent but a happy event.”

In the wake of the election, Mr. Issa tweeted his support for Mr. Trump criticism of the vote count, writing, “President Trump — I stand with you, just as you have stood with me from 2016 until today. The fact that poll watchers are not being allowed to adequately supervise certain recounts is completely unacceptable. This is America. Election integrity comes first.”

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