Democrats could turn the nation into ‘United States of California,’ editorial warns


One news organization is now warning that America the Beautiful is about to turn into “The United States of California.”

An editorial from Issues & Insights suggests that “Californication” is on the way, turning the nation into a supersized version of the Golden State once Democratic forces take hold on Capitol Hill and elsewhere.

“Californians are witnessing the fruits of the Democrats’ relentless determination to control government. After having successfully shoved Republicans off to the fringes, the state has imposed a seemingly endless series of tax hikes, intrusive environmental regulations, and costly mandates on businesses,” the editorial said.

“Californians at least have the ability to pick up and move to another less politically monolithic state ­— as they have been doing in droves over the past few years. But where are Americans supposed to flee should Democrats succeed in expanding California policies across the rest of the country?” the news organization asked.

There could be a remedy — or an unexpected side effect.

“What can stop this from happening? President Biden could stand up to the far left in his party and try to find common ground with Republicans. Or the few moderate Democrats who remain in the House and Senate could take a stand against their own party’s socialist leanings, either by siding with Republicans or switching parties,” the editorial continued.

“We hope those happen, but we’re not overly optimistic. The next best thing is that Biden and his fellow Democrats try to do too much too fast, alienate voters with their leftist ambitions, and lose their congressional majorities in the mid-term elections.”

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