Donald Trump points to low troop deployments as commitment to stop ‘endless wars’


President Trump served up a brief summary on Thursday of his achievements in stopping U.S. involvement in “endless” wars, days before he is to leave office.

Cut off from Twitter and other social media platforms, Mr. Trump issued a statement via a White House press release calling attention to his efforts to bring home troops from various theaters of conflict. 

“United States military troops in Afghanistan are at a 19-year low,” Mr. Trump said. “Likewise, Iraq and Syria are also at the lowest point in many years. I will always be committed to stopping the endless wars.”

U.S. troop levels are scheduled to hit a low of 2,500 each in Iraq and Afghanistan this week, after nearly two decades of war in both countries. It will be up to President-elect Joseph R. Biden to continue the drawdown.

Mr. Trump also said, “It has been a great honor to rebuild our military and support our brave men and women in uniform. $2.5 trillion invested, including in beautiful new equipment — all made in the U.S.A.”

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