Dozens gather for prayers in Kamala Harris’ ancestral Indian village


Dozens of people in Thulasendrapuram, India, on Tuesday held prayers for Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris as the world closely watches the results of the U.S. presidential election.

The southern Indian village was the birthplace of Ms. Harris’ maternal grandfather and its residents are rooting for the Democratic Party as a nod to her ancestral ties, Reuters reported.

“She is from here and we are proud of her,” a local man named R.R. Jayakumar Vandayar told the outlet.

A shopkeeper explained that the traditional practice of “abhishekam” — which involves pouring milk over a Hindu idol as people cite religious passages — was conducted.

Further north in Delhi, a separate group of Hindus led prayers for President Trump’s reelection.

A group known as Hindu Sena, or the Hindu Army, led chants and rituals calling for a win for the incumbent

“We wish Harris well because of her Indian ancestry, but vice presidents are not as powerful,” group leader Vishnu Gupta told Reuters.

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