Georgia election lawsuit: Trump campaign sues over late absentee ballots


The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Georgia on Wednesday, alleging late absentee ballots were illegally placed alongside on-time ballots instead of set aside, as required by state law.

President Trump’s campaign said a GOP poll observer in Chatham County witnessed 53 late ballots being placed with a stack of on-time absentee votes.

“We will not allow Democrat election officials to steal this election from President Trump with late, illegal ballots. President Trump and the Georgia Republican Party have filed suit to require all Georgia counties to separate any and all late-arriving ballots from all legally cast ballots to ensure a free, fair election in which only legal, valid ballots count,” said Justin Clark, senior counsel for the campaign.

They claim the state’s law requires all ballots to be in by 7 p.m. on Election night, saying counting late arrivals frustrates election integrity.

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