Harvard students push ban on Trump officials: Report


Some Harvard students want to blacklist former Trump administration officials, according to a report Tuesday evening on Fox Business Network.

FBN’s Lydia Moynihan, citing a Harvard student with direct knowledge, reported that a petition was circulating seeking to ban Trump administration officials from teaching, speaking, or attending the Ivy League school.

The students are “circulating a petition asking classmates to sign on to an effort to hold the Trump administration ‘accountable’ by keeping them off campus,” wrote FBN’s Charles Gasparino.

The ban needn’t be absolute, Mr. Gasparino added.

“In the event the university does associate with a Trump alum, they demand the school ‘create and share with students transparent guidelines’ as to why that Trump official is allowed on campus,” he wrote.

Harvard had no immediate comment on the FBN report.

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