House Democrats poised to gain seats in election-eve analysis


This is the latest shift showing Democrats’ odds improving in several races, as forecasters predict another blue wave that could expand their majority in the House.

Monday’s Cook Report showed four Democrats — Reps. Andy Kim of New Jersey, Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, Sean Maloney of New York and Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania — facing less competitive odds and four Republicans in a tighter race with just a day left before voters head to the polls.

Among the more vulnerable GOP candidates is Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas, the top-ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee — whose district is now considered a toss-up.

Overall, Republicans have 17 seats considered to be toss-ups while Democrats only have nine.

“A combination of President Trump’s unpopularity in the suburbs, a fundraising disadvantage, and 32 open seats for the GOP to defend (to Democrats’ dozen) has weighed down Republicans’ prospects,” wrote David Wasserman, the House Editor for the Cook Political Report.

The Cook Political Report is predicting Democrats are likely to pull in 10 to 15 seats this cycle, though they could win as many as 20 — burying the GOP further into the minority.

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