Jason Robert Karimi charged with threatening member of Congress


A Minneapolis man was charged Friday with threatening to “cause pain in every way possible” to a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Jason Robert Karimi, 32, of St. Paul, is charged with one count of interstate communication of a threat.

On Jan. 11, Mr. Karimi left a vulgar and threatening message voicemail on the office phone of the lawmaker, according to court documents. Prosecutors did not identify the lawmaker.

Mr. Karimi allegedly told the lawmaker he wanted them to “be as scared as possible, terrified and s—-ting your pants.”

“We’re coming for ya, we’re going to f—- you up and we are going to cause you pain in every way possible,” Mr. Karimi said, according to court documents. “Your house being vandalized, that was quite unfortunate, but it wasn’t far enough, so we’re going to end all political power and make it so you can’t even walk in anything but a wheelchair.”

Investigators were able to trace the phone number to a cellphone in Mr. Karimi’s name.

The following day, FBI agents met with Mr. Karimi near his home and he told him the voicemail was meant to cause “political pain,” prosecutors said.

Mr. Karimi, who claims to be a lobbyist for the marijuana industry, told agents that he uses threats to “elicit a response in order to get noticed more,” court documents alleged. 

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