Jennifer Granholm: Biden will lead ‘robust,’ ‘multinational’ response to federal networks hack


Jennifer Granholm, President-elect Joseph R. Biden’s pick for energy secretary, said Sunday that the incoming administration will deliver a “robust” response to the recent cyberattack on federal systems — potentially in concert with other countries.

“We are certainly concerned about any secrets being compromised. We haven’t gotten that information yet,” Ms. Granholm said on ABC’s “This Week.” “But believe me, Joe Biden will have a very significant response. And it may be a multinational response, depending on who is compromised.”

Officials have confirmed that the Department of Energy, which oversees the country’s nuclear stockpile, was a target of the massive breach.

Mr. Biden said last week that dealing with the breach will be a top priority for his administration. He suggested that his administration could move to impose “substantial costs” — possibly sanctions — on the responsible parties.

“We don’t know fully what happened, the extent of it. And, frankly, we don’t know fully for sure who did it,” Ms. Granholm said Sunday. “But Joe Biden, I know, will have a robust response once we find out the perpetrator and the extent of it.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday that it’s “pretty clear” the Russians were responsible for a “significant effort” to breach U.S. systems.

President Trump said Saturday that everything is under control and that China might involved.


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