Joe Biden: House voted to hold Trump ‘accountable’ for inciting Capitol attack


President-elect Joseph R. Biden said Wednesday that the House voted to hold President Trump “accountable” for inciting the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol last week.

In a carefully-worded statement, Mr. Biden said the members “followed the Constitution and their conscience” in the Wednesday vote.

Mr. Biden said Mr. Trump incited the violence perpetrated by “political extremists and domestic terrorists” in a “planned and coordinated” attack.

“It was an armed insurrection against the United States of America. And those responsible must be held accountable,” he said. “Today, the members of the House of Representatives exercised the power granted to them under our Constitution and voted to impeach and hold the president accountable.”

The House voted 232-197 to impeach Mr. Trump for inciting insurrection last week, making Mr. Trump the only U.S. president to ever be impeached twice. Ten Republicans broke with their party to vote to impeach the president.

The Senate impeachment trial will bleed into Mr. Biden’s early days in office. That short-circuits a major reason House Democrats insisted impeachment was necessary: Mr. Trump is such a danger that he needs to be removed from office as quickly as possible.  

“I hope that the Senate leadership will find a way to deal with their Constitutional responsibilities on impeachment while also working on the other urgent business of this nation,” Mr. Biden said.

Many House Republicans decried the rushed process and said the impeachment was another chapter in House Democrats’ endless quest to oust Mr. Trump from office, even as some acknowledged that the president should shoulder some blame for the attack.

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