John Rich, country music star, bets Adam Gold, journalist, $10,000 that Trump remains president


Country music star John Rich has put his money where his mouth is.

The singer-songwriter offered a $10,000 bet to journalist Adam Gold that President Trump will still be in office come Jan. 21.

The two men had been jawing on Twitter over Mr. Rich’s prediction that the Supreme Court would turn the election over to state legislatures or the U.S. House.

One half of the duo Big & Rich noted Tuesday that the justices had taken up a suit brought by Texas, and later the Trump campaign and other GOP-led states, against four swing states, asking that their certified victories for Democrat Joseph R. Biden be tossed.

Mr. Rich retweeted a taunt from Mr. Gold regarding the Supreme Court’s refusal to take a different election challenge and then doubled down.

“Let’s make our bet official. We both put 10k into an escrow account and if Biden is sworn in as POTUS, I lose my 10k, but you have to DONATE it to @FoldsOfHonor,” he said.

The beneficiary that Mr. Rich specified is a nonprofit group that provides educational scholarships to the families of dead and disabled service members.

“If Trump wins, I’ll donate your 10k to a charity of your choice. Deal? #PutUpOrShutUp,” Mr. Rich also told Mr. Gold, who quickly took him up on the offer.

“Deal. It’s on,” he replied.

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