Judge rules against Trump in Wisconsin election challenge


A Wisconsin county circuit court judge on Friday ruled against President Trump’s state lawsuit challenging more than 200,000 absentee ballots in the battleground state.

The president’s legal team also has a federal lawsuit still pending in the state, which is expected to be ruled on at any time. The Electoral College is set to convene Monday.

Judge Stephen Simanek batted down the president’s challenge Friday, saying the will of the voters should prevail without court intervention.

The president’s campaign challenged four sets of absentee ballots.

One classification was the absentee ballots lacking proper applications, while another group was mail-in votes that had missing information from envelopes.

The campaign is also challenging absentee ballots that were cast by people considered “indefinitely confined,” arguing many voters did not qualify for that classification, as well as absentee ballots cast at Democracy in the Park events that the campaign said were held unlawfully.

The case had first been brought before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, but it bucked the challenge, saying the campaign’s lawyers must first file in lower courts before bringing charges of election fraud and irregularities to the state’s highest court.

Under state law, the Wisconsin Supreme Court noted the filing should have been made at the circuit court first because the justices would consider it.

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