Ken Paxton, Texas AG, served with subpoena amid Supreme Court election challenge: Report


Federal law enforcement officials served a subpoena this week on the office of the Texas attorney general, according to an Austin newspaper.

The FBI, according to a report Thursday in the Austin American Statesman, came Wednesday to the office of Attorney General Ken Paxton in an investigation over claims that Mr. Paxton abused his office by helping a friend and campaign donor.

The paper cited “three sources” as saying the request for information was delivered on Mr. Paxton’s office, though they did not know what the FBI sought or got.

“The issuance of a federal subpoena on a state agency, and especially involving the state’s top attorney, is a highly unusual move that likely would have required higher level approval from the U.S. Department of Justice,” the American Statesman wrote.

Earlier this week, Mr. Paxton initiated what likely will be President Trump’s last chance to reverse the apparent victory of Democrat Joseph R. Biden in the presidential election — a lawsuit filed directly with the Supreme Court accusing four swing states of having “tainted” the election by changing their election laws in an unconstitutional manner.

Legal analysts consider the case a long shot.

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