Lindsey Graham mocks pollsters after election win: ‘You have no idea what you are doing’


Sen. Lindsey Graham mocked pollsters during his victory speech Tuesday night after far outperforming projections in his race against Democratic challenger Jamie Harrison in South Carolina.

“I’ve had two calls already, one from President Trump — he’s gonna win. He is gonna win,” Mr. Graham told supporters at the USC Alumni Center.

“To all the pollsters out there, you have no idea what you’re doing,” he said. “And to all the liberals in California and New York, you wasted a lot of money. This is the worst return on investment in the history of American politics.”

While the presidential race between Mr. Trump and Joseph R. Biden remains undecided, Republicans by Wednesday morning appeared to have held onto their majority in the Senate. Mr. Graham picked up roughly 56% of the vote in South Carolina, compared to Mr. Harrison’s 42% after polls initially declared the state a toss-up with Mr. Graham falling well within the margin of error.

Mr. Harrison also raised more than $100 million in the race, compared to Mr. Graham’s $70 million.

Mr. Graham thanked Mr. Harrison for conceding the race and praised him for making the race competitive.

“I got a call from Mr. Harrison. Jaime, thank you,” the senator said. “He was very gracious. He created an incredible campaign for the first time he’s ever run for office.

“All I can say is this has been overwhelming,” he said. “I’ve never been challenged like this, and I’ve never had more support than I did tonight. There are people all of this country who came to my aid.”

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