Missouri House resolution rejecting 2020 election results dead on approval


A resolution calling on Missouri lawmakers to reject 2020 presidential election results in six states enjoyed a wild ride to adoption in one House committee Monday night but is now dead.

House Resolution 2, sponsored by Rep. Justin Hill, R-St. Charles, passed through the House Special Committee on Government Oversight after a stormy three-hour hearing in a 6-3 vote.

HR 2 states the Missouri House has “no confidence” in Arizona’s, Georgia’s, Michigan’s, Nevada’s, Pennsylvania’s or Wisconsin’s presidential election results and calls upon the six states to “conduct investigations into voter fraud and if they do not, we demand that Congress refuse to certify their electors.”

To get onto the House floor and, assuming it passes, a transfer to the Senate, HR 2 must first pass through the House Rules-Legislative Oversight Committee.

That’s not going to happen, House Rules Committee Chair Rep. Rocky Miller, R-Lake Ozark, announced Monday night.

“The reason for most House Resolutions is to bring to light certain subjects and carry no force of law. Under normal circumstances, I welcome these to be fully discussed, if they make it to the House floor, however, we are not in normal circumstances,” Miller said. “We are in the midst of a health and financial crisis, and we should be extra diligent in our decisions.”

More than 70 courts nationwide have dismissed legal challenges filed by President Donald Trump’s campaign since the Nov. 3 election. The Supreme Court last week twice rejected lawsuits, including a Texas suit that Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt backed, questioning results in four states.

The Electoral College Monday confirmed Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s presidential victory and, on Tuesday, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell formally recognized Biden as president-elect.

Miller said the state — and the nation — is in the grip of an escalating pandemic as COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths stress Missouri’s public health system.

“I fully believe the additional publicity that would be gained beyond the filing and committee hearing is outweighed by the cost, both directly and indirectly, and health risk,” he said. “Therefore, I hope our confidence in our elections is regained and glad a light from Missouri has been shown on this distrust, but I will not be having a Rules Committee meeting on this resolution.”

Monday’s rollicking hearing included Zoom testimony from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who described Philadelphia as a “crooked Democratic machine” and alleged massive fraud in Georgia, drawing rebuke from Democrats who demanded he produce evidence to support his claims.

“We’re right to be upset about … your spreading of misinformation and lies that are inflaming things across our country at a time when we need to move on and accept the results of an election,” Rep. Peter Merideth, D-St. Louis, told Giuliani.

“Obviously, you have no interest in the truth. All you have (is) an interest in is lecturing me,” Giuliani said.

“I have no interest in more and more lies from you,” Merideth responded, “I am tired of your lies. America is tired of your lies, and they are dangerous, sir. They are dangerous.”

“This resolution was referred to me. I had a choice. I didn’t have to hear it,” Committee chair Robert Ross, R-Yukon, said. “I think it’s the right thing to do because I care about election integrity. This isn’t about overturning an election; this is about making sure Missourians’ votes count.”

House Minority Leader Crystal Quade called HR 2 a “sham resolution.”

“The only evidence of fraud at tonight’s hearing was the litany of lies and debunked conspiracies House Republicans put forth in their dishonest attempt to steal the presidential election for Donald Trump,” she said.

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