Nebraska lawmaker seeks to require cost of incarceration added to public record at sentencing hearings


A bill filed in the Nebraska Legislature would require the potential cost of a defendant's incarceration to be publicly announced at his or her sentencing hearing.

Sen. Mike Flood, R-Norfolk, introduced the measure, which has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill has two cosponsors.

“LB335 provides for an act to create transparency and fiscal notice of sentencing practices in the state of Nebraska,” a statement of intent filed with the bill says. “When sentencing defendants, the court shall announce in open court and the court shall place on the record the total estimated cost for the term of imprisonment. The act also provides for the production and distribution of an annual report of estimated costs to be provided to all county and district courts.”

A fiscal note attached to the bill says there would no or minimal financial impact to the state.

If approved as filed, the proposed legislation would take effect Sept. 15, 2022.

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