Nevada Supreme Court rejects Trump election challenge


The Nevada Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal from President Trump’s campaign regarding its claim of widespread voter fraud in last month’s election.

The court’s decision was unanimous.

The court found that the lawsuit filed by electors for Mr. Trump has “not demonstrated any legal error” in the lower court’s ruling that dismissed the case contesting Nevada’s November results.

The lawyer for Mr. Trump had argued more than 85,000 votes in the state were cast illegally.

Judge James Russell and the state’s highest court, though, refused to nullify the results declaring presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden the winner.

The court certified the election for Mr. Biden last month, awarding him the state’s six electoral votes.

Mr. Biden defeated Mr. Trump in Nevada by 33,596, or 2.4%.

The Electoral College will convene on Dec. 14.

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