Republicans seek DOJ investigation of Rep. Bill Pascrell over attacks on Trump legal team


Republican lawmakers called on Attorney General William P. Barr to open an investigation of Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. over his effort to disbar President Trump’s legal team.

They said Mr. Pascrell, New Jersey Democrat, infringed on the president’s civil rights by trying to deny him legal counsel.

“We urge you to investigate Representative Bill Pascrell for possible civil rights violations in his efforts to obtain the disbarment of certain members of President Trump’s legal counsel … solely because those attorneys attempted to represent President Trump in his efforts to secure the integrity of the 2020 Presidential Election,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to Mr. Barr.

Rep. Andy Biggs, chair of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, led the effort to investigate Mr. Pascrell.

The letter also was signed by Republican Reps. Warren Davidson of Ohio, Andy Harris of Maryland, Debbie Lesko of Arizona and Randy Weber of Texas.

The Washington Times obtained a copy of the letter Tuesday, which was sent last Friday.

“The efforts to disbar the President’s lawyers simply for representing the President is designed to impede the rights of the President and his counsel. It appears to violate the civil rights of the President and his attorneys,” the letter continued.

The Times asked Mr. Pascrell’s staff for comment about the letter but did not receive an immediate response.

Earlier this month, Mr. Pascrell filed complaints with bar authorities in Arizona, Michigan, New York, Nevada and Pennsylvania asking that former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the face of the president’s legal fight, and 22 other Trump lawyers be disbarred for “aiding Trump’s attempt to steal [the] election.”

The presidential race was called by several media outlets in November, and the General Services Administration head Emily W. Murphy approved the Biden transition team to begin the transition process, with the president’s approval.

Mr. Trump has continued to contest the results of the election in several states, claiming widespread voter fraud robbed him of a fair election.

The request for a DOJ investigation, which was sent last weekend, is the latest attempt to push back on Mr. Pascrell’s push to disbar several members of Mr. Trump’s legal team.

The same five Republican lawmakers also filed a censure resolution, which would formally reprimand Mr. Pascrell, but it won’t get anywhere in the Democratic-controlled chamber.

Mr. Pascrell brushed off the attempt from Republicans to censure him.

Donald Trump and his minions are trying to steal the election after getting blown out by President-elect Joe Biden,” he said in a statement. “His lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits in taxpayer-funded courts are accomplices to Trump’s assault on American democracy, and they must be held accountable. I have proudly called for them to lose their law licenses. Fascist wannabes won’t muzzle my free speech or stop me from defending our republic. Those supporting this pathetic resolution are complicit in Trump’s attempt to become a dictator.”

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