Secretary of state says Illinois residents can use email to get help with license reinstatement


Secretary of State Jesse White is hoping that Illinois residents will take advantage of a new service that will help assist those seeking to have driving privileges reinstated.

White’s office has launched a new email service that is available to Illinoisans who need information on reinstating driving privileges, obtaining driving relief or scheduling an administrative hearing, spokeswoman Beth Kaufman said.

She said that there has not been an increase in requests to have driving privileges restored, but as a result of the pandemic keeping license bureau facilities closed, the email assist program was put in place to help people.

”During the time our facilities were shut down, people could not visit facilities to obtain the information and documentation needed to work on having their privileges restored,” Kaufman said.

The email service is open to everyone and it should help residents beat the lines usually associated with visiting a license bureau, she said.

”It is available to those who seek to restore their driving privileges. By providing the information electronically, this effort also serves to reduce the number of people waiting in lines at facilities,” Kaufman said.

She said the process to use the email license help program is pretty straightforward.

“The individual has to email our office and someone from our administrative hearings department will respond within three days,” she said. “The individual will also have to answer security questions to prove their identity.“

The email response will include whether a hearing is necessary, the type of hearing needed and the documents that may be required at a future hearing. Administrative hearings are still required to be held in person.

Kaufman said White feels that the program is an example of using technology to allow people to access services from home.

Those who have a driver's license suspension or revocation or any other loss of driving privileges can send an email to [email protected].

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