Sen. Joni Ernst: Dems gave Midwest ‘the finger’ by switching up primary schedule


Sen. Joni Ernst, Iowa Republican, said Sunday that Democrats switching their presidential primary schedule to make South Carolina the first in the nation caucus — rather than her home state — is like a “middle finger” to Midwesterners.

“We have seen a number of pushes in the past to change this,” Ms. Ernst said on “Fox News Sunday.”  “I’m glad that Republicans are staying the course. I feel Democrats have really given middle America the middle finger.”

The rulemaking arm of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) voted last week to change up its presidential nominating calendar amid a push by President Biden to put forward a state with more diversity.

The change is the first of its kind since 1972, in the wake of Mr. Biden last week urging South Carolina to be put first after that state helped turn the tide for his 2020 nomination.

Iowa has been Republicans’ first state in the presidential nominating process since 1976.

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