Sen. Roy Blunt: U.S. Capitol Police did not assist rioters


Sen. Roy Blunt, Missouri Republican, said Sunday that no evidence exists suggesting that U.S. Capitol Police stood aside or assisted rioters attacking the Capitol this week.

“I have to ask you, though, about some of the images that have been projected around the world as well, which are of some of those officers appearing to remove barriers for rioters to allow them in. There are reports that some actually gave information on where to find certain congressional offices,” CBS’ Margaret Brennan said to Mr. Blunt on “Face the Nation.” “Is there any indication of involvement or complicity from members of the Capitol Police?”

“No, no,” Mr. Blunt said. “And I resent any sense that the Capitol Police didn’t push back, fight back valiantly get out there and stand between first the building and then the people in the building that they’re there to protect.”

Mr. Blunt also cautioned people against extrapolating the meaning of officers’ actions from short clips circulating online.

“The Capitol Police fought back. You can do anything with looking at film, not knowing what you’re talking about,” he said. “I do know when you’re overwhelmed, in law enforcement, one of the things you do is try to step back and regroup rather than just let yourself get surrounded.”

Mr. Blunt also noted that D.C. police arrived quickly when asked, but the Senate needed to look into why the National Guard did not arrive more quickly.


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