Supreme Court rejects Pennsylvania GOP mail-in ballot challenge


The Supreme Court won’t take up a challenge over Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballots, striking a blow to a Republican effort against extending deadlines beyond Election Day.

The high court rejected the Pennsylvania Republican Party’s lawsuit on Monday against state officials, which claimed the Pennsylvania secretary of state illegally changed mail-in voting requirements and extended deadlines for the November 2020 election.

Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Samuel A. Alito, and Justice Neil M. Gorsuch would have granted the case, saying the question over whether state legislatures should dictate the manner of elections over non-legislative officials should be decided.

“The election is over, and there is no reason for refusing to decide the important question that these cases pose,” Justice Alito wrote in a dissent.

Justice Alito had ordered Pennsylvania officials to separate the late-arriving ballots as they were being counted since the case was pending ahead of Nov. 3.

State officials, though, said there were only about 10,000 late-arriving ballots, which would not have made up the difference between former President Donald Trump and President Joseph R. Biden.

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