Trump campaign appeals to Nevada Supreme Court in election challenge


LAS VEGAS — Attorneys for the Donald Trump campaign are appealing to the state Supreme Court to overrule a lower court judge and nullify Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral win in Nevada.

Documents filed Monday ask the high court to reverse Judge James Todd Russell’s finding on Friday that the legal team for six Republican electors failed to prove the Nov. 3 election was swayed by fraudulent or illegal votes.

A hearing was not immediately scheduled, but the appeal is expected to get fast-track handling. The Electoral College is scheduled Dec. 14 to finalize nationwide presidential election results.

Biden is due six votes from Nevada. The state high court certified Nov. 24 that he won the state by 33,596 votes, or nearly 2.4%.

Jesse Binnall, the campaign attorney heading the contest-of-election filing in Nevada, failed to convince Russell that so many tainted votes were cast, primarily in Clark County, that Trump should be awarded the election instead of Biden.

Binnall asked the judge to declare Trump the winner of the election or to prohibit Democratic electors from delivering votes to Biden.

“Contestants’ claims fail on the merits … or under any other standard,” the judge said in his 35-page ruling.

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