Trump launches final-day sprint: Five rallies in four states


President Trump kicked off a final marathon day of campaigning in North Carolina with complaints about “phony polls” that show him trailing in key states, saying pundits are repeating the mistakes they made four years ago and he’ll romp to victory.

Mr. Trump said his supporters might not want to talk to pollsters, skewing pre-election metrics, but they aren’t timid people.

“The ‘hidden voter’ or whatever they call them,” Mr. Trump told supporters in Fayetteville. “Somebody called them the shy voters — my people are not shy.”

The president fixated on a poll that showed him down by 17 points in Wisconsin, saying it is designed to depress his voters so they won’t waste their time going to the polls.

“It’s crooked stuff,” Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Trump is keeping up a vigorous schedule in the final hours before Election Day. His final-day sprint takes him from the Tarheel State to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and back to Michigan.

“We have five of these today — five,” Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Trump won North Carolina four years ago and is relying on its 15 electoral votes to help him chart a path to a second term.

He said if he locks down the state along with Florida and Pennsylvania, then it will spell victory.

The president painted a bleak picture of the nation if he loses, arguing Joseph R. Biden will cause an economic depression, upend the suburbs and ruin energy production.

Mr. Trump also recounted how the Russia probe overshadowed much of his first term, prompting numerous chants of “Lock them up.”

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