Trump responds to Supreme Court rejection of Texas election challenge with litany of fraud charges


President Trump doubled down on his election fraud allegations Friday after the Supreme Court rejected Texas’ massive lawsuit challenging the Nov. 3 results.

Mr. Trump posted one of his campaign’s videos on Twitter that presented a litany of fraud claims from Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

“America deserved an honest election. This is what they got,” says the female narrator. “Suitcases of ballots added in secret in Georgia, dead people voting in Wisconsin, a money-for-vote scheme in Nevada, poll watchers denied access in Pennsylvania, faulty ballot drop boxes and clerks facing felony charges in Michigan. The evidence is overwhelming.”

The video urged Trump supporters to contact state lawmakers and “demand they fight for honest elections.”

Twitter flagged the video as a disputed election fraud claim.

The rejection of the Texas lawsuit was a major setback for Mr. Trump’s quest to overturn the win for presumed President-elect Joseph R. Biden.

Mr. Trump described the last-ditch Supreme Court case as his biggest and best chance at reversing the election outcome.

Still, as described in the video, Mr. Trump holds out hope that state legislatures will intervene to deliver him a second term in the White House.

The Supreme Court ruling also did not end the allegations that Democrats fixed the election. The justices rejected the case on procedural grounds and did not address Texas’ claims of election misconduct in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Mr. Trump said he will accept the results from the Electoral College vote Monday, which is set to affirm Mr. Biden will be the next president. The video, however, raises doubts about it. Mr. Trump’s supporters, meanwhile, remain skeptical of the election process and the legitimacy of a Biden presidency.

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