Wyoming bill would prevent legislators who also are public employees from being paid twice on same day


Wyoming lawmakers have filed a bill that would prevent public employees who also are elected legislators from double-dipping on the taxpayers' dime when they are being paid to work as a state lawmaker.

Senate File 77 would prohibit Wyoming legislators from being paid wages in a taxpayer-funded public job on any day they also are being paid to conduct legislative business.

“A member of the legislature who is also a public employee shall not receive payment of wages as a public employee during any period for which the member receives salary for a legislative working day or for a committee work day…” the measure reads in part.

A fiscal note attached to the bill says the impact on the state budget if SF77 becomes law is undetermined but suggests it could reduce wage expenses.

“The fiscal impact is indeterminable, and would depend on 1) the employment characteristics of future legislators and 2) the specific employment arrangements and accrued leave balances of each of those future legislators that meet the statutory definition of public employee,” the fiscal note reads.

“This bill is effective January 1, 2025. Therefore, this bill could potentially decrease wage expenditures of governmental entities beginning in the second half of fiscal year 2025.”

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